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Do you ever feel like you want to share the story of your struggle or success with other women to help motivate and provide them with reassurance? Perhaps you've experienced a special journey and by sharing it with others you might be able to help answer some of the common questions or concerns other Muslim women have.

Often we shy away from sharing our stories with others, out of fear of being judged or misunderstood but sometimes this is just what we need - to hear what's going on with others so we know we're not alone in our challenges and difficulties.


Our ethos at Emelle is to help empower our sisters and provide a platform for Emelle's society to come together and tell their stories. Whether you're a student, employee, entrepreneur, wife, mother, all of these or something else - we want to hear from you and don't worry, we can publish your post anonymously or with an alias if you prefer. You can write about religion, culture, fashion, beauty, marriage, motherhood, pregnancy, relationships, business, student life - whatever floats your boat!

If you're interested in joining Emelle Society and writing for us, email with a brief bio and some information about the topic you'd like to write about. 

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